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Patrick Miller Jr Photography

The Capital Rotunda

capital_rotunda_WEBI took this picture quite a while ago thanks to the former Sergeant of Arms Bill Livingood.  I had to lay down with my large format on the floor to be able to get the full dome.  Currently they are renovating the Capital Dome for the next couple of years.  Sadly, they will no longer allow the large format camera into the capital, because of security concerns 🙁

The Amy J anchored in Old Harbor for the night

Lobster Boat At Sunset

ORDER PRINT       Lobster Boat Amy At Sunset

While driving home one cool winter night, I spotted the Amy J anchored in Old Harbor, Maine.  I jumped out of my car just before the light faded, and loved how the light from sunset reflected on the water in the harbor.

United States Capitol with China Festival Washington, DC

Washington Mall with Capital

Starting a new fun project.  Took a whole series of pictures down in D.C today from the Washington Monument looking towards the US Capital building.  There seems to be an event for a Chinese Festival of some sort setting up.  It should add an interesting look to the photo of the capital.  I still have a few more pieces to add, so more to come. Just wanted to share the process, should take a little while but hopefully the end results will end with a pretty unique photograph.

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United States Capitol with China Festival Washington, DC