Meet the Team

We are dedicated Photographers whose goal is to help you capture those precious moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.  With most  photographers you get what you pay for, but we can promise with Patrick Miller Jr Photography you will get much more…

Patrick Miller Jr.

I received my Bachelors degree in Fine Arts Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and graduated with honors in 1995. I have been shooting professionally ever since. I moved to the state of Maine and opened a photography studio in Rockland, a small coastal town. When I wasn’t working in my studio, I spent all of my free time exploring the state, visiting National and State Parks, harbors, and of course lighthouses. I have always wanted to publishing a photography book on Coastal Maine and am perusing the idea. After five years of living in and trying to capture all the beautiful places in Maine, I decided to move back to my home state of Virginia to apply my trade. I am always trying to find new places for my imagery. We are blessed in America to have such wonderful National and State Parks for nature and great wildlife photography.We also have great cities like Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Boston for Travel and Architecture photography.

During my time in Maine and on the road I learned how to work with my equipment so well that I don’t need to think about technical things anymore and just be creative. The camera has become a familiar tool. Aperture and shutter speeds have become second nature to me. I have much more artistic freedom. My favorite part of being a photographer is meeting new people and learning about them and their lives. Knowing the client allows both me and the client to have a good time interacting on our shoots. Capturing the perfect moment in a photograph becomes an enjoyable process rather than a tedious studio session with scripted posses and forced smiles. My goal is to use my creativity to produce photographs that reflect the varied interests of my clients. My favorite word to hear from a customer is “wow”.

As I did in Maine, when not working for a client, I normally spend my time taking pictures for my stock photography portfolio. Many of my stock photos are shot on my Arca Swiss large format camera equipped with six Schneider/Rodenstock lenses. While I do love shooting with my digital SLR cameras, using my large format camera gives me the highest quality possible and lowest amount of distortion in the vertical and horizontal lines. They have great depth of field and can shoot at f64. The downside is they require very long exposure time. I call it my Ansel Adams Camera. For these reasons I prefer using this camera with subject matter that is not moving, the exception being waterfalls.  The image size of a large format camera is 10 times the size and resolution of traditional DSLR cameras. I find the large format expands creative opportunities while producing the highest quality possible. Large format cameras are used to produce high end IMAX movies and images that appear in quality publications such as Architectural Digest Magazine. With the evolution of DSLR not too many photographers are willing to use large format cameras due to expense, time and convenience factors.

I shoot with a traditional style and find that knowing the rules allows for great formal and business oriented photographs and when it’s appropriate to break them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about myself, and I look forward to learning about you. I’ll end with a quote I heard a photographer (sorry I didn’t catch her name) say on the radio one day: “ It’s so wonderful to be in love with something and know that it’s forever! ”


Joseph Waldron II

Joe is my in-house photo editor and also acts as my second shooter when needed. He can edit an image in more ways then I thought possible. He can also restore any of your damaged and cherished pictures.

Graduated: George Mason University with a Bachelor’s of Arts with a concentration in Digital Arts and Animation with a minor in Information Technologies.


Greg Sims

Greg is a second shooter and has been in the photography business for over fifteen years in the MD, DC and Va area. Portraits and industrial photography are his specialty.